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The Erbslöh Group  is the international specialist in processing and refinement of fruit-based beverages and a leader in research, development and production of treatment agents. For over 100 years Erbslöh has been a family-owned company. For many years Erbslöh has co-operated closely with institutes, universities and wine-production schools in research and development. Erbslöh offers a broad spectrum of process-optimized services and problem solutions for the beverage industries.

Originating in Germany, Erbslöh understands each aspect of the juicing – all products. From pome fruits, stone fruits, citrus and tropical, vegetable/oils and fruit wines, they have the industry covered in the brewing process. All products are specialty and cover, yeasts, carbons, bentonites, silicas, enzymes and other processing aids. Trade names which the industry calls on for high end products include Fructozym, Granucol, Klar Sol, Oenoferm, Vegazym, Citrolase and Akticol.

Destilla® GmbH, which was founded in 1969, in southern Germany, sees itself as a far-sighted sustainable company. We work “in harmony with nature” and almost exclusively use natural raw ingredients. Flat hierarchies, coupled with family-run management, are the foundation of our employee-oriented corporate culture: people are at the centre of all we do.

Our constant powerful innovation is the key to our success. This is reflected by numerous awards, but above all by global customer satisfaction.

Offered products include powders, liquids (carried in oil, Ethanol or P.G.), in any array of single or custom made recipes. Destilla also has the capacity for small offtakes, allowing for access to all customers, large or small.

In this market segment, all booster or base flavours/extracts are available such as Butter Extract, Cheese Extract and Olive Oil Extracts, among others and if you wish to match a products, this is also possible…


ClearTaste® is a natural bitter blocker, which blocks the perception of flavour defects in a range of applications. ClearTaste is unlike any flavour masking agent already on the market, where the taste of the masker over-satiates the taste receptors. The mushroom extract adheres to the bitter taste receptors in the mouth, preventing the bitter molecules in the food or drink from binding with the receptor sites. ClearTaste shields your tongue from tasting undesirable flavour defects and can be used to eliminate metallic, astringent, bitter, salty and many other off notes. Additionally, ClearTaste can be used to reduce sugar and the bitterness associated with natural and artificial sweeteners.


Hexagon’s initial years were dedicated to applied research in micronutrient premixes for food fortification, animal nutrition and development of a complete nutritional product. Hexagon has since been reckoned as “The Complete Nutrition Solution Provider” under one roof. Hexagon Nutrition is a research oriented organisation with a strong matrix of capabilities offering innovative solutions for the global Nutrition and Healthcare business. Hexagon Nutrition has several notable awards and certifications to its credit namely GMP, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP among others as a testament to their commitment for quality, innovation and excellence.

All custom made vitamin premixes are available. Small quantities for that special run are also available. A fully understood capability on shelf life and processing is taken into account when designing a system for the R&D departments requiring high quality fortification.