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Victus started in 2003 with an idea to provide the entire food industry the absolute best quality ingredients and raw material to the Australian and New Zealand market. We realised that although many products were being ‘traded’ there was a gap in the industry and both Australia and New Zealand had difficulty accessing high quality ingredients in order for them to compete on a world stage. We also noticed that the world was slowly moving to Natural products and that consumers were educating themselves and wanted higher standards for themselves and their families. We were simply the technical conduit for this to happen. We were the first, for example, to bring to the market colouring foods, rather than synthetic or ‘natural’ colours. This is now the norm for the industry. 

We are credited in making Velcorin® a part of the wine and beverage industry, carefully developing this concept in conjunction with all levels of business in order to save the industry high energy costs, lower packaging costs and most importantly less preservatives for the consumer. We have many plans for the future in creating and bringing new ideas to the Australian and New Zealand industry and will continue to break new ground in our next phase of development.


We expect to deal with only companies who exhibit the highest standards possible in our supply chain. Logistics and quality are paramount. It is essential that all of our products are delivered in full, in spec and on time. Our imported containers are unpacked at our site in Altona, which enables us to stay in control of our vigorous standards. All of our exclusive suppliers and ultimate customers hold quality as their central goal. We are HACCP accredited and each of our partners go through a rigorous auditing procedure to ensure that they not only manufacture a high quality product, but also have a regime of new product development, so we in turn have new globally accepted ideas to bring to our customers. We will continue to do this in all stages of our future developments.


Victus International not only hires the highest qualified employees, but also has experts ready at hand overseas to answer any questions which may arise from you, the customer. Together, we make an excellent team unsurpassed in the industry. From Logistics Experts, Food Scientists, Engineers, Chemists, Food Technologists and Winemakers, we can be relied on for the best international information at hand and at our disposal. 

We have a high quality laboratory, which can be utilised for many applications, and enjoy the challenges that the industry brings us. Our experts at our disposal are also at yours. Our long collective experiences are what is required for us to continually be at the forefront of technology, bringing you “The World’s Best, Naturally”.