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Nagardo® secures and prolongs the shelf life of your beverage. Safety enabled by nature, brought to you by Victus

  • Derived by nature and sustainably produced
  • Up to 50x more efficient than chemical
  • Broad application in a range of beverages


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Natural Protection
Derived by nature, sustainably produced. Nagardo® natural beverage protection delivers additional marketing benefits to beverage manufacturers. Finally, natural labels and claims become reality.
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Efficient Action
50x better than chemicals; showing high efficacy against typical beverage spoiling microorganisms including yeasts, moulds and bacteria. It works by interacting with the microbial cell membrane.
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Pure Experience
Nagardo® is taste-neutral at recommended concentrations, no influence on colour. It does not interfere with the sensory experience you desire in your end product.
Flavours & Innovation
Mushroom based
The World’s Best, Naturally. Native to the tropical rain forest of French Guiana, the fungus ‘Sweet Osmanthus Ear’ includes naturally occurring glycolipids produced by a fermentation process.
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Process integration
Ready to embed into your existing process. Nagardo is flexible as an aqueous stock solution or a powder. It’s safe to handle and suits UV treatment or even pasteurisation.
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Ready to talk to us about scaling your operations with natural products? Our team of experts are ready – including Food Technologists who can tailor-make a flavour or process with you.
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Velcorin®, gentle on flavour – tough on germs.
For bottled beverages like wine, there is surely no better choice.
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Looking for flavour matching and sampling? Check out our unique V.Lab.
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