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Experience Extraordinary

Whether you’re a leader in a well-established large group, or you’re just getting started. We have the skills, people and processes to help you scale up to the next level.

We supply end-to-end solutions. This means we can support you not only in raw material sourcing, but in manufacturing process-development, and even the machinery required to develop new product lines.

The world’s best, naturally.

Do you want to pivot from traditional to more advanced natural processes? Talk to us about our range of natural ingredients and solutions. We go to great lengths to source these from the finest sources around the world.

We’ve been doing this since 2003, and we’ve grown each year with our focus on new product innovation and an impeccable partner network in particular in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Process leads to greatness

We’re just as passionate about enabling existing partners to improve their end offering to customers. Our approach? In everything we do, we look for the most efficient process possible.

Velcorin. A top beverage technology, one of the world’s best.
For bottled beverages like wine, there is surely no better choice than a naturally-sourced protection from spoiling.
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NEW. The Natural Guardian. The latest in anti-microbial protection, that’s sourced from nature itself.
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Velcorin® now makes the perfect partner to Nagardo® for complete beverage protection, and Victus is ready to develop tailored a solution for you.
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